What Does a Wedding Coordinator Do?

In today's world of DIY and social media, it can be easy to plan your wedding yourself. But today's world is also a busy place and not everyone has time to do so. Hiring a wedding coordinator is one way to make it all a bit easier. Here are three things a wedding coordinator will do to help you out when planning your big day.


1. Brings Inspiration


A good wedding coordinator will constantly be searching for new ideas. They will work events frequently and attend industry networking meetings to see what's new. Then, they'll bring all these ideas to you for inspiration. You don't have to spend hours scrolling through Instagram or flipping through magazines to plan your perfect wedding.


2. Makes Calls


One of the biggest things a wedding coordinator will do for you is to make calls and book vendors for you. Of course, they'll discuss everything with you beforehand and you'll have the opportunity to meet with the vendors as well. But when it comes to checking things off your to-do list, your coordinator has it all under control.


3. Supports You


When it comes time for the big day, your wedding coordinator will be by your side making sure everyone has their outfit and that your hair and makeup stylists show up on time. They're the person making sure everyone walks down the aisle in the right order and that the entire event runs smoothly.


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