5 Ways To Celebrate Your Engagement

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Was it a big sigh or a little gasp you let slip? Did your other half finally muster the courage to pop the question after years of hinting, months of waiting and weeks of sheepish behaviour? Was your answer swallowed up by a deep breath of relief or was it a total surprise? I’ve known of betrotheds who have dropped hints like lead balloons and still become overwhelmed by shock and I've known beaus who have rehearsed their proposal in the mirror for months, only to warble through their words in the car a week earlier than planned. Whether your proposal was an intimate breakfast-in-bed affair or a down-on-one-knee public extravaganza, one thing is for sure, you're absolutely thrilled! You want to tell your friends, family and followers immediately. If you’re still hanging in there on Facebook, you might decide to update your Relationship Status. Or for those of you who are less into the Facey B fill in; here are 5 Ways to Celebrate Your Engagement:

1. Pamper and Preen, Yas Queen!

One thing you’ll certainly have noticed as a newly-engaged person is that everyone wants to see your ring. Getting a fabulous manicure is a very wise move at this juncture. Why not make a day of it? Pamper yourself and your future bridal party. Take a trip to a luxury day spa and indulge. You could even book your potential make-up artist or hair stylist to practise some dos…and filter out the don’ts!

2. Take a Trip to the Jewellers. . . Together!

But what if you don’t have a ring yet? According to Vogue UK, “One of the most game-changing 2020 wedding trends is that of couples choosing their rings together” and this includes the engagement ring. Selecting your engagement ring with your partner could be the first wedding decision you share and a beautiful choice to make together. Bare-fingered proposals are becoming more and more popular as the ever-traditional symbol of commitment is evolving to become a statement of equality and a true reflection of both fiancés.

3. Flashback to your First Date

For the true romantics, there is surely no better way to get sentimental than to reminisce about the beginning of your relationship and revisit a place you went to on an early date. Many choose to re-enact the moment they first met. A flashback to your first date really allows couples to savour the ‘getting engaged moment’ and keep the butterflies aflutter. You might even opt to sweeten the nostalgia by wearing the same fragrance you sported in the early days of your relationship, playing songs you loved at the beginning of your story or by ordering the same dishes from the beloved restaurant you frequented back in the day.

4. Become the Model Couple

So a Facebook Relationship Status update may not be your thing but chances are you have some other form of social media. With an engagement comes a wedding to plan and if you weren’t in to Pinterest already, you soon will be! Your Instagram feed will be awash with wedding photography and booking a photographer to capture your special day is high up on the list of priorities. What better way to trial your selected shutterbug than to schedule an engagement photo shoot? Couples’ shoot days are super enjoyable and perfect practice for the real deal, not to mention, your friends and family will love seeing the both of you happily flaunting your love for one another and you can use the pics in your save the dates or engagement party invites. Snap!

5. Throw a Sarah Lock Events Engagement Party

Did someone say party? An engagement party offers you the opportunity to give guests a taste of the celebration to come, draft a sample wedding guest list and trial mood and styling ideas in a more relaxed environment. I adore being involved with couples from this early stage in their commitment as I get to witness their relationship grow from bud to blossom throughout their wedding journey. Planning the engagement party also proves to be invaluable when I’m organising wedding details later on. By the time the wedding prep comes around, we’ve already answered most of the big questions at our first few consults so we can focus on fine tuning the detail… and get back to the dancefloor to work on those moves!

If you are planning your engagement celebration, contact Sarah Lock Events to arrange your complimentary consultation today!

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