Green Is The New White | A Sustainable Approach To Wedding Planning

Amid the devastating impact that the Australian bushfires have thrust upon our environment and communities this wedding season, I am renewing my vow to make sustainable events a reality and take progressive steps towards the future. It seems more important, now than ever, to share my sustainable wedding insights. Wedding celebrations are centred around love and on a day of such joy and gratitude, there lies an untapped potential to spread love even further by giving back to our planet as well as our guest list. Thankfully, more and more couples are following the green wedding trend and are planning sustainable events. However, forward-thinking couples who are moved to adopt this theme do not need to compromise on their wedding visions. You can have your Yuzu banana cake (with passionfruit curd) and eat it too!

My sustainable approach to wedding planning has simplicity at its core, centring around three key principles:

- Maintaining environmental compassion

- Sourcing local, seasonal and natural resources

- Reducing, reusing and recycling literally everything!

Upholding these values throughout the wedding design process takes time and requires commitment but it is certainly worth the effort. Couples planning sustainable weddings are able to create stunning memories and help to make the world a more beautiful place in the process. As a result, they feel extra fantastic about their big days. And that’s not the only joy when choosing a ‘green theme’ for your wedding! Sustainable weddings often cost substantially less than their costlier counterparts. Reduced shipping and transportation expenses alone can amount to huge savings. By selecting seasonal produce and locally sourced catering and florals, newlyweds will benefit from the best market rates and in minimising certain superfluous elements, couples can really focus on the aspects of the day that are most important to them and avoid forking out for those that are not.

Essentially, designing a sustainable wedding comes down to visionary creativity and conscientious organisation and with clear-cut planning in place, it’s never too difficult to achieve. Quite the contrary! Every couple can include sustainable practices into their big day and by applying a sustainable ethos to your planning, your wedding day doesn’t have to cost the Earth.

Sarah Lock Events offer innovative sustainable wedding design, planning and managment services to suit every couple. Contact Sarah & her team today to find out what they can do for you.

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