Why Clients Become Friends

I have always felt that, as with all art forms, event design is an offering; a gift that can only be presented authentically from a place of love.

To meticulously execute a successful event, you must give your energy, your creativity, your focus and concentration. You must build an intimate understanding of your clients’ loves, needs, hopes and fears. You must guide your client toward achieving their goals, however challenging this may be and you must be honest with them, even when you know this will make you the bearer of unwelcome news or disappointment.

Sadly, occasionally disappointments do arise that are completely beyond our control.Weather is the most obvious example.

Picture unrelenting, heavy rain for the entirety of an event planned outdoors. The client has their heart set on celebrating under the open sky but we have no option but to proceed with our fabulous, but less preferred, wet weather option.

In such cases, it is the duty of the event manager to have prepared their client for this potential, devised an secondary plan that doesn’t feel like a compromise but rather, just an alternative and therefore equip the client to accept and even embrace any necessary changes to plans or adjustments to schedules with confidence and ease.

Having said this, in the words of Richard Bach “every gift from a friend, is a wish for your happiness” and there will always be the rare client who decides that what will really make them happy is, to be outside… despite the rain. It is now that your job becomes akin to that of a devoted friend. You gladly get soaked in the downpour while lovingly protecting your client with the umbrella. You smile and reassure guests while ensuring there are warm towels prepared for everyone’s immanent return to the comfort of shelter.

When all's said and done, you have to want, for your client, everything they want for themselves - and more. THEN, you have to look for ways to make their dreams reality!

That, in my opinion is the mark of friendship.

Everyday I'm grateful that I have the opportunity to choose my own clients. In offering complimentary, initial consultations both myself and prospective clients have the occasion to decide whether I am the right fit to assist with delivering whatever requests are brought before me. However, the initial consultation provides more than this. It is the chance to assess relationship compatibility which subsequently means, only those with whom there is a genuine connection, become my beloved clients.

What a total win-win! My job is made far easier when I truly care for those I'm working with and the whole process becomes exponentially more fun for everyone involved, which ALWAYS leads to a better outcome and of course, the forming of new bonds along the way.

So, if you're planning a wedding, celebration or business event and want a buddy to have your back - hit me up on the gram, email me or drop me a line... I would love to hear from you!

Cheers... to new friends x

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