Top 3 Benefits of Eco-Friendly Event Planning

Eco-friendly event planning means taking the earth into consideration when booking venues, supplying food and drink, and transporting guests. It can take some extra time and planning but is well worth it when you consider the effects each event has on the climate. Here are three of the biggest benefits you'll see when you start working towards sustainable event planning.


1. Reduce Water & Energy Use


When booking a venue for your event, look for one that has green practices including low-energy lighting, heating, and electricity. Energy efficient windows and solar panels are also great. Recommend nearby green hotels for your guests. You can even arrange for a shuttle service to help reduce vehicle emissions from transportation.


2. Reduce Waste Production


Many times, people choose to throw away trash in a regular trash can because they don't have easy access to a recyclables bin. By making these options easier to identify, you can help eliminate excess waste production during your event. You might also consider serving up food buffet-style instead of a plated dinner, or donating leftovers to a local homeless shelter.


3. You'll Inspire Others


It is not uncommon for people to be surprised to learn that their everyday habits are hurting the environment. By providing green options, you can open the eyes of all your guests and inspire them to adopt these eco-friendly choices in their daily lives. One fun idea is to print programs on seed paper so guests can take it home and plant it.


Sustainable Event Planning from Sarah Lock Events


Eco-friendly event planning might seem overwhelming and you might not even realize all the ways your event can be made sustainable. For help with sustainable event planning, please contact Sarah Lock Events today.